Based in the garden city of Toowoomba, Queensland, Cranbrook Press provides printing services for businesses, schools and individuals right across Australia. With the latest Colour Management and Press technology, Cranbrook Press offers a comprehensive range of 'in house' services including:

  • An art and pre-press studio, with imaginative designers and experienced production personnel;
  • Totally integrated state of the art "computer to plate" technology;
  • Modern 1, 2, and 4 colour sheet-fed presses - sorting and binding from a simple business card and letterhead through to high quality brochures and magazines;
  • Personalised and/or direct mail solutions.

Our team

Cranbrook Press is a family owned printing company that employs over 25 motivated and experienced staff, consisting of sales representatives, creative graphic designers, highly skilled printers and finishing staff and wonderful administration staff.

We have a reputation for being professional and particular with our work, and our staff reflect this same attitude.


Our History.

Cranbrook Press has forged a reputation, over a long history, of a superior print company. As a company that has spanned many decades, the Cranbrook team are constantly evolving, remaining at the forefront of current industry trends and using modern methods for superior print
and distribution solutions. Established in 1929, family-owned Cranbrook Press has retained the traditional approach toward printing solutions, while continually being innovative and embracing change. We believe in traditional service standards, old-fashioned values and pay homage to our historical routes, but pride ourselves on using advanced techniques and modern methods in all of our printing and distribution solutions.


Cranbrook Press & the environment

Our commitment to the environment begins with an understanding in reduction in waste, pollution and overall environmental impact. We do so much more than simply put ink on paper, by including in our business model measures to reduce environmental impact. We achieve this by:

  1. Identifying how our activities may impact the environment;
  2. Measure the various types of impact caused;
  3. Form goals in impact reduction;
  4. Educate our employees; and
  5. Commit to improve our activities thus reducing the environmental impact

We presently recycle all offcut paper waste and use environmentally friendly vegetable based inks on our printing presses, which contain no petroleum based emulsion.